Stream International is a Trusted Trade Network in North America. We are diverse, ethnic, and multi-lingual Canadians. As trade intermediaries our role is to assist multinational corporations enter new economic markets by reducing international trade barriers.

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A trusted trade network in North America. 


Mission: A Lifetime of trade

Forwarding North America

Once, running the coasts of our continent, became adept, freight forwarding began as an aspiration.

Our hopes, transpired as movement, and now, we're moving the globe. Within a worldwide network of unique forwarders, specific to their niche, international trade is simplified for global trade participants.

At all steps of the project, our forwarders are able to assist an importer or exporter to and from North America, learn more about us


Global Freight Forwarding


Stream Customs and Forwarding Inc.

As trade intermediaries, we have developed a one-stop-shop for global trade participants importing and exporting from North America.

Importers and exporters are able to take advantage of our trade steps, for the most ease in shipping to and from North America.  


 The World Trade Organization is congressionally recognized by global participants such as the United States of America. 

The World Trade Organization is congressionally recognized by global participants such as the United States of America. 


Step 1: Logistics Planning 

To enter new markets reducing trade barriers are challenging,  global logistics providers are here to ease the process within its trade network. 

Step 2: Customs Compliance

Businesses going global must comply with foreign customs procedures, licensed customs brokers are qualified advisors in North America. 


Step 3: Forwarders

Selecting international carriers from origin to destination is troublesome, freight forwarders manage shipments and everything in-between.

Step 4: Audit-Proof 

After customs release compliance is ignored for shipments, a logistics provider can protect businesses from foreign governments with audit proof documentation handling.



The Business Plan

We have one business development model for international trade; trade participants deserve genuine advice from a logistics perspective.

After the cost of production, tariffs and duties are the second largest fee an importer or exporter bears. Shipping costs are minuscule in comparison to foreign tariffs and duties. 

This mandatory step of compliance, ensures that an international trade participant is protected even cross borders shipment entry-processing.  



Stream International



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Located, in the transportation hub of the freight industry, our accommodations overlook the runways of Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Canada. 

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